Collection: Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 2

Newton’s Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 2 takes you across epochs and borders, presenting a sinister collection of eleven tales that journey from the ancient sands of Syria to the modern-day streets of London. These narratives weave a chilling tapestry of humour, romance, and peril, all underpinned by a bone-chilling dread.

  • A charismatic museum curator finds himself under investigation with fatal consequences.
  • When a group of juvenile delinquents raid an antique record store, they unleash a deadly curse.
  • In the depths of Sherwood Forest, two brothers encounter an eerie silence and a mysterious presence that haunts their every step. Beauty has never been so terrifying.
  • A mysterious text message arrives, triggering a terrifying countdown. Secrets abound in the Atkins household.

Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 2 is a cavalcade of terror, transporting you through time and realms, confronting you with ghastly events, mind-warping supernatural forces, and the tragic tales of individuals who while trying to do the right thing, veered down the darkest of paths.

Grab your drink, sink into your comfiest chair, and brace yourself. You’re about to face the unadulterated, raw face of horror. Welcome to a journey where the only passport required is your nerve!

Praise for Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 2
“Newton Webb writes the creepiest stories I’ve ever read. The 11 stories in this collection cover years from early A.D. to a few years in the future. I’m not going to spill any secrets but everyone gets their comeuppance. I very highly recommend this book.”
“This book was even better than volume 1. The stories are grim but oddly satisfying. If you like horror stories that make you think, give this author a try. I’ll be looking for more.”
“I am impressed with these stories that left me with goosebumps! With each strange story, you’ll wonder what’s going to happen, which will keep you reading until the end. I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite.”
“The Neil Gaiman vibe is strong with this one! Great book with so many good short stories. Kept me on my toes until the very last one! I cannot recommend it enough!.”
“If only 6stars rating was possible!”
“The second volume of Newton Webb’s ‘Tales of the Macabre’ has lots of good stories and a couple of riveting novellas, all well-written, all distinct from each other in theme, setting, and development, with satisfying endings. Most of the stories have solid plotlines, they are character-driven, and have intelligent, witty dialogue.
I love this kind of stories, and Webb excels in it! My particular standouts were: “The Horror at Hargrave Hall,” a gothic tale told beautifully; “Trev Rides Forth,” a fascinating revenge story; the very moving story of “The Power Within”; the tongue-in-cheek “The Enigmatic Skeleton”; “The Coconut Club,” an awesome LGBT+ themed story; “12 Minutes,” a short story perfect for a late night read; and “Welcome to Paradise,” the darkest story of them all, with the most twists.”