Collection: Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1

Newton’s macabre tales span continents, with sixteen stories from the 17th century to the distant future, from Nepal, through Europe and South Africa. Some stories contain elements of humour, love, and passion, but all are imbued with soul shattering terror.

- Held captive in her father’s basement, Amelia struggles to escape. But reality isn’t always what it appears to be and soon she will learn an earth shattering secret.
- When the black fog rolls in, death follows. In fifties Grimsdyke, two lovers encounter a horror unlike any other.
- Four teenagers hired to perform at a country fair soon realize they were each chosen for a very specific and ominous reason. How far will they go to survive?
- Evil has awakened in the London sewers. Mick must navigate a perilous underworld of gangs, crime, and betrayal to defend his sister and save her soul from the corrupting influence of the red smoke.

Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1 brings you sixteen spine-chilling tales. As you travel through time and space, you’ll witness horrific consequences, mind bending paranormal activities and good people who took a wrong turn.

Each story is unique and offers a different perspective. So cradle your drink, and get comfy, because you are about to pierce the veil and witness the true nature of horror!

Praise for Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1
"This book was full of nail-biting moments. The book was full of variety that kept you engaged and wanting to read the next story"
"Newton Webb never disappoints. His debut collection includes most of his best stories, spanning a huge amount of time and going through a great variety of settings. Some are novelettes, others more of a typical short story length, always well written, with a fantastic use of the English language"
"These 16 scary stories are really, really good! My absolute favorites of the bunch were Festival of the Damned and The Heir Apparent (man, what a twist I was NOT expecting!)"
"This was a very enjoyable collection of eerily prophetic stories, full of variety and encompassing a world of demonic entities, cannibalism, ghouls, murder, ancient curses and deviant sex addiction. From folk horror to supernatural sci-fi tales, what more could you wish for? Each story slowly unfolds with a sense of unease and menace, complimented by many unexpected twists and turns. The moral theme of these stories would appear to be, 'be careful of what you wish for'. Highly recommended"